Dog Leash and Bowl

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  • Datum: 02.02.2018
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We got a leash! And a dog bowl! Needless to say it made this shoot even more degrading & humiliating than usual, and thus got me doubly excited! 🙂 It dadurch got Bruce really inspired: he makes me write my own name on the dog bowl, pee nicht, drink my own pee like a dog, piss on my head, nicht nose, my eye, all over my face… well too many perverse things to list actually, although I will say that the facial at the end is one of my all time favorites. He came SO much!!

I think you’ll be seeing the leash & bowl again very soon… we had a blast 🙂

– Morgan xx

ps: bruce says sorry about the shaking & clicking sound, he welches holding the camera nichtnew way which proved to be a mistake. we’re schweigsam learning!



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